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Alarms Southend
Security Fog - Reduce risk & loss instantly
In some circumstances, an alarm system on it's own is not enough. We often get asked what the next step in
security is to prevent loss of property, Security Fog is the answer. Hewes Security work closely with industry leaders
SmokeCloak to offer blanket fogging to protect property, deployed instantly after an alarm activation.
How it all works...
Security fog acts within seconds of a break-in, protecting the area with a impenetrable cloud of fog. This not only provides an effective barrier to force the intruders to leave the premises, but protects stock and valuable assets from theft.

Alarm Installer Southend Protection in seconds of activation
Alarms Southend No residues - safe with no damage
Intruder Alarms Southend Protects at least 45 minutes after event
See the SmokeCloak system in action
Most properties that have been victim to a break-in incur property loss in the initial minutes of a burglary. With SmokeCloak installed on the premises, the system can activate in seconds - filling the immediate area with a impenetrable
cloud of fog and subsequently reducing losses by up to 95%.
Where can SmokeCloak be utilised?
From Banks to Warehouses, security fog can be used throughout industry to protect stock and property. The system simply
integrates with your existing alarm system and is ready to be tested. Once deployed, the fog leaves no residue and is perfectly safe to use in a public environment without harm to staff, customers or equipment.
Alarms Southend Alarm Installer Southend Intruder Alarms Southend
Banks & Finance
Car Dealerships
Burglar Alarms Southend Alarm Installers Southend Intruder Alarms Southend
Retail Shops
High Value Offices
A harmless, efficient deterrent to protect
both people and property
If you are interested in the instant benefit of a SmokeCloak system, speak with our experts here
at Hewes Security and we will happily arrange a site survey of your premises.
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