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CCTV Colchester
Case Studies - Miscellaneous
As an NSI Gold installer with over 50 years of experience in the design and maintenance of security systems we can provide you with the peace of mind to know that your home, business or valuables are protected by a
company that is "Committed to your Security".
Just some of our latest projects
Security Company Essex
CCTV Colchester  
  Donation of CCTV systems to Romford's War Memorial Social Club
  Case Study - Miscellaneous
  We strive to ensure that our clients are safe and secure within their building at all times. To mark the 60th anniversary of Romford's War Memorial Social Club, we donated over 11 CCTV systems and a weeks worth of labour worth more than £500. Read more
CCTV Installer Essex  
  Why it pays to have your equipment serviced, it could save you money
  Case Study - Miscellaneous
  Having your security equipment service can be vital, not only will it ensure that you don't miss important activity that you need to capture but also it can save you money in not having to replace parts.. Read More
CCTV Colchester  
  Keeping animals and staff safe with new intruder alarm systems
  Case Study - Miscellaneous
  With the nature of the work carried out at Edgewood Veterinary Group, they required new intruder alarm systems to be installed at all of their properties in Essex.. Read More
CCTV Colchester  
  A lesson in deterrence - Installing a superior intercom system
  Case Study - Miscellaneous
  When you invest in your home, it is only natural to invest in security to protect what you treasure most. Even though it may be an after-thought, security need not be unattractive... Read More
CCTV Colchester  
  Keeping you safe at home - Our team install our latest home alarm system
  Case Study - Miscellaneous
  Installed by our friendly, expert engineer, this property in Colchester benefitted from class-leading home security. Quick to install and built specifically for... Read More
CCTV Colchester  
  Protecting people and property at the Chinese Christian Church
  Project - Miscellaneous
  We were contacted by the Chinese Christian Church to upgrade their out-dated CCTV systems along with their other security systems at their premises...
CCTV Colchester  
  Providing reliable and cost effective security at St. Mary's Church
  Project - Miscellaneous
  St. Mary's Church needed an upgrade on their security systems, and Hewes Security were able to provide reliable and safe solutions to suit their individual requirements...
CCTV Installer Colchester  
  New security systems installed at Dedham Parish Church
  Project - Miscellaneous
  Dedham Parish Church required a new security system installed at their premises in Dedham, and contacted Hewes to get the perfect solution for their individual needs...
CCTV Colchester  
  Securing Maldon Town Football Club with cutting edge security systems
  Project - Miscellaneous
  Maldon Football Club had their premises secured with a new security solution installed by Hewes Security. With the new system, they are guaranteed to have a safer and more reliable security solution for their grounds.
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